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On the "Gold Rush" subreddit, fans often come together to discuss newly added crew members, the latest clashes between costars, and to speculate about why certain people left the show. Responding under the fitting username u/GOLD__DIGGER, Parker Schnabel offered an in-depth explanation of how his company operates and why not everyone is the right fit for the job.
Schnabel said that while they don't do exit interviews, "if people are willing to talk to us about why they're leaving and what's going on with them then we always welcome that discussion." However, there are some things he is "unwilling to compromise on," and the main two reasons he provided are fairly standard for most jobs.
The first reason is fireable offenses, which he said include: "alcohol/drug abuse at work, not being punctual or not coming back on time from days off, abusing company equipment/vehicles, (and/or) just plain not adhering to the basics of work rules in a camp." The second reason is that people will quit if they have “a problem with a manager" or “they don't want the lifestyle" that comes with mining.