UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 13: Claudia Wells attends the world premiere of the film "Love On The Rock" at Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City on October 13, 2021 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)
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The Tragic Reason
Why Elisabeth
Shue Replaced
Claudia Wells In
Back To The Future
Marty McFly's girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, was portrayed in the first “Back to the Future” film by Claudia Wells, while in the sequels, the role was recast with Elisabeth Shue. Fans wondered what happened to the original Jennifer, and unfortunately, the answer carries a note of tragedy.
"My mother had fourth-stage lymphoma," said the actress, adding, "I had so much happening personally that deep down, I never considered reprising my role, and deep in my soul, I knew [leaving the business] was the right choice for me." After departing show business and recovering from her mother's death, Wells began a new chapter in her life, opening a high-end menswear shop in Studio City, California.
Wells returned to acting, has several projects in the pipeline, and has even reprised her role as Jennifer. She was tapped to voice Jennifer in 2011's “Back to the Future: The Game” and even reprised the role in the short “Back to the 2015 Future,” which dropped on YouTube on November 21, 2015.