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The Office
It's challenging to create a show with a story as massive and complex as "The Office" and not suffer from some continuity challenges over time. One continuity error, in particular, involves the Office Sad Sack, Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein), his potentially dark past, and a box of cookies.
In the Season 5 episode "Stress Relief," Toby offers his signature on an HR document for Dwight if he will purchase some Girl Scout cookies from Toby’s daughter. However, in the Season 8 episode "Last Day in Florida,” Toby informs his coworkers that he's selling Girl Scout cookies for his daughter because it's her first year in the troop.
Over the years, many "Office" fans have come to adamantly believe that Toby is actually the infamous Scranton Strangler. The Girl Scout cookie inconsistency could lend credence to this theory. Perhaps he's using the Girl Scout angle as part of a money-laundering scheme or maybe he's liquidating the cookie-based inventory of one of his victims.