PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 23:  Eric Kripke attends the "The Boys - Season 3" special screening at Le Grand Rex on May 23, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Kristy Sparow/Getty Images )
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Ending That We
Never Got To See
After 15 seasons and multiple averted apocalypses, “Supernatural” finally ended its run in 2020. The Winchester brothers defeated God in order to live their lives without his interference, but Dean died in a vampire hunting accident and Sam died of old age before reuniting with his brother in Heaven.
However, this wasn’t the ending that series creator Eric Kripke had in mind. In a recent interview, he explained that his ending would have been "a horror movie ending” that would have looked similar to the Season 5 finale “Swan Song.” He also acknowledged that fans would probably prefer the ending they got to the ending he would have written.
Kripke, who left the show after Season 5, was approached by actor Jensen Ackles and co-showrunners Andrew Dabb and Bob Singer for his input on the show’s final script. He took a few days to come up with alternative pitches but eventually felt that the ending they had was the right one, saying that it had emotion, substance, and positive energy.