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After 15 seasons, “Supernatural” finally came to a close in 2020, leaving a void in the monster-hunting genre. However, one fan on the show’s subreddit believes that they have found a great replacement series that takes its own spin on the “Supernatural” premise.
The show is a CBS-turned-Paramount+ series titled “Evil,” from the same creators who made “The Good Fight.” “Evil” follows forensic scientist Kristen Bouchard, Catholic priest David Acosta, and tech consultant Ben Shakir as they investigate supernatural phenomena with an intriguing mix of religion and science.
Unlike “Supernatural,” though, “Evil” has taken strides to keep the mystery alive. According to Aasif Mandvi, the actor who plays Ben Shakir, what makes the show so interesting is its constant questioning and subverting of expectations, which prevents viewers from easily “coming down on one side or the other.”