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The Scariest
Scenes In Orphan:
First Kill Ranked



In "Orphan: First Kill," art therapist Anna arrives at an unnerving medical institute, and learns that a patient named Leena (AKA Esther) is missing. Anna meets an innocent-seeming girl, only to realize that this is the dangerous Leena she's heard about, shocking viewers who know what the famous orphan is capable of.


In another intense scene, a prison guard delivers a package to Leena, and she lures him close to her, then grabs his hair and batters the back of his head against the wall. This sequence shows how formidable Leena is, and the terror continues when she convinces another inmate to attack a guard for her.

The Escape

Anna ends up quitting her job for her own safety and heads back home, only to find Leena waiting for her. The escaped patient clobbers Anna with a wrench, and Leena's calmness during the act — and her eventual plot to impersonate a family's missing daughter — is disturbing, to say the least.

Goodbye Anna

When Detective Donnan steals Leena/Esther's record and gets close to figuring out that she isn't who she appears to be, she ends up visiting him at his home and stabbing him. Then, An unknown assailant shoots the detective several times, ​​sending this scene into terrifying overdrive.

The Detective

It turns out that Tricia, Leena's "mother," murdered the detective, because Tricia and her son Gunnar have been keeping a horrific secret: they know that the real Esther is dead. This twist is frightening because now the audience knows that Leena isn't the only dangerous, homicidal character in the movie.

The Truth