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The Rarest Skins In Fall Guys
Mediatonic, the developer of "Fall Guys," gave the Crash Tester skin to everybody who played the closed beta of the game. This crash test dummy-inspired skin has a great design for a game that involves colliding with other players, and is extremely rare, being limited to beta-testers only.
Crash Tester
The Big Bad skin was given to users who started playing the game within the first week after its release. You may not think of a default skin as rare, but as the population of new "Fall Guys" players grows — and they all miss out on this starter skin — Big Bad will likely become an OG status symbol.
Big Bad
Headcrabs are one of "Half-Life’s" most iconic monsters, and only those who pre-ordered Fall Guys on Steam received the Gordon Headcrab skin. The release of this skin was exclusive to the PC, and players who didn’t pre-order the game are out of luck, since there is currently no other way to obtain it.
Gordon Headcrab
The Prickles costume is a uniquely-colored variant of a skin designed for a "Make a Fall Guy" contest. During its first week, the "Fall Guys" server went down for maintenance, and after releasing an apology tweet, the game's team gave this skin to players who logged in on the following day.
The Baby Blue faceplate was tricky to obtain when it was available; you had to reach Tier 35 during the game's first season pass, which is a lot harder than you might think. Now that the first season of the game is done and over with, it's doubtful that players will get another chance to obtain this skin.
Baby Blue Faceplate