The Pivotal Moon Knight Episode 1 Scene That Was Almost Cut


On March 30, "Moon Knight" debuted on Disney+, and it's generating a lot of buzz. There are a lot of big moments in the first episode of "Moon Knight," which is titled "The Goldfish Problem," but there was one crucial sequence that almost didn't make the final cut.

Marc Spector's dissociative identity disorder was gradually revealed in the first episode. The episode was mostly shown through the eyes of one of Marc's alters, Steven Grant, a British gift shop museum employee who becomes entangled in Marc's war against Arthur Harrow.

Mohamed Diab, who directed the first episode, claims that he had to struggle to keep a scene of Steven Grant ordering a steak in the final cut. Steven gradually realizes that he has lost time and has mistakenly missed a date with one of his coworkers in the scene, which occurs about halfway through the episode.

While this scene is intended to be amusing, it also depicts Steven's bewilderment and anguish as he deals with his dissociative identity disorder, which we will learn more about later in the season. Diab fought to keep the scene in Episode 1, because it really sells Steven’s struggles and makes him relatable.