Steve Carell sitting at a desk and wearing a robe in The Office


The Office Reboot Rumors Are Really Heating Up
More than ten years after its season finale aired in 2013, a reboot of the American version of “The Office” is rumored to be in the works. However, there may be caveats.
Few revival-related details have surfaced, but a piece on Puck said it may soon be announced since the WGA and AMPTP reached a tentative agreement to end the 2023 writers’ strike.
The original version’s showrunner Greg Daniels is attached. Given the original series’ massive popularity, it’s plausible that Daniels may revive his biggest success.
However, Daniels once addressed an “Office” reboot by characterizing Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott as a relic of a bygone era.
Daniels explained that Michael’s bad behavior helped highlight untoward workplace behavior to viewers who might not have recognized it outside of the show’s absurd lens.
Daniels added that culture at large has caught up with Michael’s transgressions, so he isn’t needed. Therefore, Daniels preferred a series revival that was significantly different.
Carell also shared that he wouldn’t want a new version of the show to retread familiar ground, knowing that a revival might likely be more of the same rather than a new approach.
With Daniels and Carell’s comments in mind, it’s possible that the rumored revival might not necessarily resemble the “Office” of the past.