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Bryan Cranston took the helm for the Season 9 episode titled "Work Bus," which follows Dwight enlisting a work bus after the regular office is deemed unsafe. While this may sound like a potentially funny basis for an "Office" episode, shooting it presented some terrifying challenges, leading the cast and crew to give the episode the apt nickname "Death Bus."
According to cast members Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey, the first issue was the heat. The air conditioning units were too loud, so the crew had no choice but to turn them off despite the sweltering conditions. To make things worse, when they hooked up a portable AC, the intake hose sat right next to the exhaust pipe of the bus, which could've poisoned everyone inside.
Additionally, none of the furniture was attached to the bus, so when the stunt driver swerved for a scene, total chaos ensued. Thankfully, everyone survived the filming of "Work Bus" and it doesn't appear as though anyone on the "Office" cast list holds any resentment toward Cranston.