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The Number Of
Times Dean
Winchester Died
On Supernatural
Is Staggering
"Supernatural" aired for an astounding 15 seasons, powered by an insanely dedicated fanbase. To keep viewers engaged, writers had to raise the stakes and villains often threatened the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester; though both brothers succumbed to death willingly and unwillingly, elder brother Dean died a lot more often than his younger sibling.
During the entire run of "Supernatural," Dean died over 110 times, but this absurdly high number was due to Season 3, Episode 11 ("Mystery Spot"), when Dean dies more than 100 times in an hour. "Mystery Spot" centered on a time-loop that sees Dean dying continuously while a hapless Sam tries to get to the heart of the strange phenomenon.
Dean's very first death occurred in Season 2, when a car wreck leaves him on life support, and Dean’s father, John Winchester, trades his own life and soul to Azazel to save his son; this exacerbates the animosity between the brothers and the demon. Dean's final death came at the end of the series and provided a happy ending when he's reunited with his brother in heaven.