Woman from Jardiance commercial


The New Jardiance Commercial Lady Has The Internet Divided (Again)

For the crime of singing an earworm-y jingle about a diabetes drug, the Jardiance lady, Deanna Colón, was scorned and defended by the masses online.

The impassioned response could be why the company selected a new actress, Rachel Strutt, for the January 2024 Jardiance commercial. Responses to it have been mixed.

"My hate has slightly decreased," wrote u/Georgia_Jay, who was thrilled to see a new face. A user on YouTube agreed, writing, "Like this one better! Thank God."

However, many others jumped in to defend the actress. One Youtuber wrote, "Bring back Deana! She is the true Jardiance queen!"

The online war impelled Deanna Colón to say on Instagram, "You're gonna see a new, pretty, red-headed lady singing the Jardiance commercial. But you be nice to this new lady."

The Jardiance lady chronicles may be heated, but everyone can agree that the song still stinks. As one YouTuber put it, "Oh jeez, three more years of this song 8 times a day."