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Death In All Of
From the first episode to its last, “Supernatural” has routinely proven its willingness to push the boundaries of tragedy and despair, primarily through the deaths of some beloved characters. In a show of this nature, death and resurrection come multiple times for some "Supernatural" characters — including Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) — but not for all.
Despite the fact that death is so commonly undone in "Supernatural," the loss of certain characters still understandably saddens some of the series' most dedicated viewers. One such death was that of Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) in Season 7. Bobby was one of the precious few people the brothers could consistently count on for support, no matter the ask.
After being shot in the head by the Leviathan, Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart), fans see versions of Bobby, including Bobby in ghost form, and Apocalypse World Bobby, a man Sam and Dean think they know, but who has no memory of them. Each appearance of Apocalypse World Bobby is sadly just another reminder of the loss of their father-figure.