A celestial body left behind in the MCU film Eternals


The MCU Plot Hole That Could Be Fixed With A Morbid Avengers’ Plan
The sanctuary of superheroes is usually as unique as the characters themselves. Look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers Tower and later the Avengers Compound.
While the Avengers Compound is what is shown in the movies, in the comics, they eventually create a base called Avengers Mountain, which is in the body of a dead Celestial.
Celestials are god-like beings that are almost the size of planets, which are shown in the movie “Eternals.” They live inside and consume a planet’s energy to birth themselves.
Due to the efforts of the heroes, there is a Celestial corpse left on Earth in the end of “Eternals,” which means the MCU could wrap up this plot hole with a story from the comics.
Avengers Mountain, in the North Pole, was first introduced in a 2018 comic and is created from the body of the dead Celestial known as The Progenitor — the first to come to Earth.
The body was at the bottom of the Arctic Circle for millennia, but the Avengers impress a group of Celestials who gift them the body of The Progenitor as a symbol of hope.
The Celestials have a somewhat villainous aura, so the fact that a Celestial body was used as headquarters in the comics provides a mechanism to deal with the one from “Eternals.”
It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to re-purpose the Celestial body, but it might be a tough sell for Disney because of its grotesque nature, so it might be too much for them.