Actress Lana Parrilla


The Lincoln Lawyer: Why Lisa Trammell Looks So Familiar
Season 2 of “The Lincoln Lawyer” follows lawyer Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) as he befriends and defends Lisa Trammell (Lana Parrilla), a chef who is a suspect in a murder.
Lana Parrilla has had plenty of experience playing noteworthy roles on TV. From an evil queen to a trophy wife, you have probably seen her before.
Lana Parrilla landed her first recurring TV role in 2000 on “Spin City” as Angie Ordonez, the clever and sarcastic secretary for Charlie Crawford, played by Charlie Sheen.
1. Spin City
She appeared in nearly every episode of Season 5, but left the show before its sixth season. She wasn’t given as much to do as her co-stars, but she left a lasting impression.
After “Spin City,” Parrilla scored her first leading role in NBC’s “Boomtown.” She played Teresa Ortiz, a good-hearted paramedic who devotes her life to saving others.
2. Boomtown
The show received largely positive reviews when it premiered, but it didn’t perform well enough to become a hit. It was canceled shortly after the premier of the second season.
The role of Regina Mills a.k.a. The Evil Queen is what earned Parrilla the most attention and acclaim. She appeared in every season of “Once Upon a Time.”
3. Once Upon a Time
She garnered praise for the role, having been able to be evil, protective, and compassionate without letting go of those traits. This role remains her most iconic and well-known.
Parrilla’s Rita Castillo doesn’t seem complex when she’s initially introduced in “Why Women Kill” Season 2. She appears to be a sarcastic, shallow trophy wife.
4. Why Women Kill
Viewers gradually learn more about her past and her complicated feelings regarding her marriage, and Parrilla ensures the unexpected exploration of Rita actually works.