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The Office
Since the pilot episode of the iconic show “The Office,” it was pretty clear that Jim and Pam had a thing for each other. Still, as the show progressed and it was finally made official, the origins of their love for each other were revealed — and as it turned out, none of it made any sense.
In Season 2, Episode 13 when it accidentally gets out that Jim has a crush on Pam, he tries to explain it away by stating he used to, when she first started before he knew she was engaged. However, later on, in Season 4, Jim tells Pam he knew he liked her the moment she led him to his desk on his first day.
The statements contradict each other making it unclear whether it was Jim or Pam who started at Dunder Mifflin first which seems like a major slip-up in continuity for the scriptwriting department. Either that or the Scranton branch is stuck in a complex time loop, which we're totally fine with, just as long as it restarts as soon as Michael takes off from the airport.