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The House Of The
Dragon Finale Is
HBO's Most
Viewed Since
Game Of Thrones
"House of the Dragon" Season 1 Episode 10 ("The Black Queen") brought in 9.3 million viewers on the night of its premiere. This massive number includes viewers from airings on HBO, as well as streams from HBO Max.
It's an impressive number, but one that doesn't match the highest-rated finale for HBO. The "Game of Thrones" series finale brought in 19.8 million viewers by comparison, but the show also had more years to build up its audience. The mixed-at-best fan response to final season of “GOT” could also be a factor in how "House of the Dragon" is performing.
Viewership stayed consistent throughout the first season of the prequel series; along with the premiere nabbing 10 million viewers on the night it aired, there was a series high of 10.2 million viewers for the show's second episode. Warner Bros. Discovery did not share exact figures for other episodes but claimed that viewership ticked up for Episodes 4 through 6.