Sico the robot from Rocky IV


The Heartwarming True Story Behind Rocky IV’s Robot
In "Rocky IV," Rocky gives his brother-in-law Paulie a sentient robot named Sico for his birthday. Although Paulie is disturbed by Sico at first, he grows fond of his new friend.
His fondness for Sico occurs particularly when he changes the robot's settings to give it a female voice. Like its role in the movie, Sico was created to befriend the lonely.
The robot was presented on a talk show, where its creator, Robert Doornick, promoted its ability to communicate with neurodivergent children.
Stallone contacted Doornick, hoping to use the robot to interact with his autistic son, Seargeoh. The meeting proved successful, as Seargeoh and his dad fell in love with Sico.
As a result, Stallone offered to include the remarkable invention in "Rocky IV," with Doornick operating and voicing the character.