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The Gold Rush
Moment That
Went Too Far
When most people think of gold prospecting, they probably imagine a grizzled old man using a sifting pan to fish shiny rocks out of a babbling brook. However, Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” has demonstrated that the process is usually a lot more complicated and dangerous, which led to one moment that went way too far.
In Season 9, Episode 18 "Make it Rain," Rick feels like he is in a race against time to excavate a patch of rapidly freezing mud before the cold temperatures make the ground unmanageable. Despite the icy conditions, Rick angrily declares "F— you, ice!" and calls in another truck to speed things along.
The driver of the extra truck loses control on the slippery road, ramming into another vehicle where a member of the show's film crew was trying to mount a GoPro camera. In a YouTube clip of the accident, you can clearly see the crew member holding on for dear life as the collision rocks the vehicle that she is standing on but miraculously, she only received minor injuries.