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The God Of High
School Season 2:
Will It Ever
In 2020, Crunchyroll released “The God of High School” as part of its inaugural slate of original programming. The show follows Jin Mori, a high school student and gifted martial artist in South Korea, and his friends who are all fighting in a shady tournament to be granted a wish and the title of “The God of High School.”
Typically, there are a few factors to consider with regard to anime renewals, including the popularity of the show and whether there is remaining source material to be adapted. In this case, there is plenty of source material to draw from and the anime itself was well-received and popular.
Unfortunately, there has been no official word regarding a Season 2 renewal for "The God of High School." However, if the renewal happens, fans can expect to see the original voice cast return, and new viewers who might be interested can watch Season 1 on Crunchyroll or HBO Max.