Gustaf Skarsgård actor in the movie Happy End at the 59th International Film Festival of San Sebastian (Photo by MEDALE Claude/Corbis via Getty Images)
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The Floki Scene In
Vikings Season 5
Fans Couldn't
Help But Love
“Vikings” brought many historic and mythical characters to life on TV, not the least of which is Floki Vilgerðarson (Gustaf Skarsgård), the legendary and eccentric shipwright. Fans have seen Floki’s character develop from optimistic and brutal warrior to wise seafaring explorer, and they loved one specific scene from Season 5.
In "Baldur," a Season 5 episode, Floki buries the daughter of Kjetill Eriksson (Adam "Edge" Copeland) and Aud Kjetillsdottir (Leah McNamara), prompting Kjetill to remark that he didn't care to bury her because Aud had become more like Floki's daughter than his own. He beckons Floki to attack him, but he refuses and instead warns Kjetill of the brutality he would inflict on him if he doesn't change.
Fans loved seeing Floki’s growth and maturity and, according to Skarsgård, playing the subdued and less frantic side of Floki was far less physically draining. He said in an interview, "You have to kind of muster that energy, you know. And I think that is probably more demanding than the sadness somehow because you just have to kind of get yourself to that level of frantic energy.”