Nemo and Dory looking afraid in Finding Nemo


The Finding Nemo Post-Credits Scene Is Darker Than You Think
“Finding Nemo” is one of the best Pixar movies, which is surprising since it’s one of the darkest. A fan theory suggests there’s something even darker at play with one character.
TikToker @lemuelgeekofficial lays out the theory regarding Blenny, the timid fish seen during the sequence where the sharks talk about their desire to no longer eat fish.
At first glance, it seems as though Blenny is a friend of some kind, and he’s shaking vigorously as though he’s scared. However, the theory states that Blenny isn’t scared.
The theory says Blenny is going through withdrawals because he no longer wants to eat fish. He swims away so Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) don’t get hurt.
This is backed up at the end of the credits where Blenny is on-screen with a monstrous-looking anglerfish. The tables are turned when Blenny devours the anglerfish in one bite.
It seems funny, but it supports Blenny being as bloodthirsty as the sharks. He wasn't a guest of honor at their meeting, and he wanted help but swam away before he could get it.
There’s further evidence to support this theory in the sequel, “Finding Dory.” Nemo talks about how his dad took on three sharks during his grand adventure to track down his son.
Marlin corrects him, saying it was actually four sharks, but only three of the sharks were part of that meeting. Blenny was likely the fourth shark.