TikTok star Frank Mele in a Gillette ad


The Father And Son In The GilletteLabs Ad Explained
The latest 30-second TV spot from GilletteLabs, titled "Face Time from GilletteLabs: The Next Generation of Shaving Calls," stars father-and-son TikTok stars Frank and Joe Mele.
The Gillette ad sees the duo FaceTime while Joe is shaving. Joe shows off the flexible, efficient product to his pops, and Frank dubs the razor a "game changeh."
Joe posted his first TikTok in December of 2019, and quickly rose to online fame. Frank is a star, explaining the correct pronunciation of "cawfee" in a thick Long Island accent.
The Meles have garnered a ton of online support for their Gillette ad from fans, and in true influencer fashion, Joe uploaded a reaction video of him and his dad watching the ad.