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Captain Enoch in Ahsoka


The Face Of Ahsoka's Captain Enoch Revealed

This story contains spoilers for “Ahsoka” Episode 6

“Ahsoka” introduced Captain Enoch, the masked right-hand of Grand Admiral Thrawn, in Episode 6, “Part Six: Far, Far Away.” Although Enoch is masked, you may recognize his actor.
Captain Enoch is portrayed by Wes Chatham, who is known for his roles in the sci-fi show “The Expanse” and films such as “Tenet,” “The Help,” and “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.”
Some “Star Wars” fans theorized Captain Enoch to be Eli Vanto, Thrawn’s protégé in multiple comics and novels. However, he is most likely a new character made for “Ahsoka.”
If his name is anything to go off of, Enoch will likely be Thrawn's most devoted follower. In the Bible, Enoch's loyalty to God was his primary characteristic.
While it's unclear what his fate in “Ahsoka” will be, with Dave Filoni's New Republic movie on the horizon, Chatham could potentially add a “Star Wars” movie to his growing resume.