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The Ending Of
The Boys Season 3
Episode 6
Herogasm is easily one of the comics' most risqué storylines and while the show's version takes place in a mansion instead of an entire island, the amount of nude Supe antics is easily comparable to the comic book version. As the Deep and his new octopus friend would no doubt tell you, this is definitely not an episode you want to watch with the family.
Infamous comics storyline
The three-on-one fight scene against Homelander is a fine superhero battle, and if longtime fans of the show think it's somehow familiar, it's because "The Boys" has done something very similar before. In Season 2 of the show, Stormfront attacks the Boys in an open field, the battles have many similarities and even end the same way, as both Stormfront and Homelander manage to fly away at the last second.
callback to Season 2
A bloody encounter convinces Kimiko that her powers were never the thing that made her monstrous, and it appears she and Frenchie have a lot of baggage to go through in the immediate future. The show's versions of both Kimiko and Frenchie are pretty different from their comics counterparts, so it's anyone's guess where things will go from here.
Frenchie and Kimiko
MM and Starlight find a way to unleash a move that might just change the show's balance of power. In a video they release on Starlight's popular social media channels, she exposes the Supes as the horrible people that they are. She also denounces her own superhero name and announces that she quits the Seven.
Mother's Milk & Starlight
A-Train collapses after realizing he just murdered a Vought-protected vigilante during an extreme crisis in the Supe community. While this would make a fitting and somewhat telegraphed death scene, it seems unlikely that they'll miss a chance to make him deal with the aftermath of his latest flub. The question is, who will he find harder to face: Vought, or the community he failed to protect?