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The Ending Of
Matt Damon portrays a conservative roughneck named Bill who travels from Oklahoma to France to help his daughter Allison (Abigail Breslin), who's in prison for killing her lover Lina, which she claims she did not do. Here are some answers for those still trying to decipher the film's shocking final moments.

“Secrets Run Deep”

Allison gives her father, Bill, a note that details a local man is responsible for the murder. Bill kidnaps the man, Akim (Idir Azougli), and holds him hostage until he receives a DNA test proving his daughter's innocence, but Bill is forced to reckon with the morality of his actions.

Sense of Justice

The killer offers an alternate account of the events, claiming he'd been contracted to kill the woman by Allison. Bill ignores this information, but when Allison is released from prison, it comes to light that even as Lina's death was not part of a deal with Akim, she had indeed had a direct hand in her lover's murder.

Shocking Admission

Bill is in a moral quandary but makes a solemn promise that he'll never betray her secret to anyone. That secret being kept is hardly a certainty as the morally murky human drama concludes with Akim still on the loose, now able to serve up his version of events.

A Dark Secret