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The Ending Of
"Longmire" focused on Walt Longmire, the sheriff of Absaroka County, as he solved various violent crimes, and the final episode, "Goodbye Is Always Implied," was a culmination of years of storytelling. Here is how “Longmire” wrapped up its final season and what it means for the various characters living in Absaroka County.
After taking Henry Standing Bear to the casino, Jacob Nighthorse is accosted by members of the tribe for his shady antics involving profits from the casino. He and Henry are kidnapped as part of a plot by the villain Malachi Strand, who wants to force Nighthorse to relinquish control of the casino over to him.
Marilyn Yarlott informed Walt that Malachi has been hiding on their reservation, and led Walt to Malachi before being fatally shot by one of his henchmen. Walt eventually does confront Malachi, who hangs Nighthorse from a chain and forces the sheriff to choose between chasing him and saving someone he despises.
The blossoming romance between Vic and Walt, hit a roadblock as she dealt with her fear of losing Walt due to the dangerous situations he found himself in trying to finally bring down Malachi. Luckily, the two finally recognize their feelings for each other toward the show's end.
The “Longmire” finale also saw Henry looking to take over the casino and provided closure to Walt’s relationship with his daughter. Click to read the full article to see the other ways the finale honored both the characters and the fans of the long-running show.