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The Ending Of
Jurassic World:
The Biosyn Plot
The main scheme of Biosyn CEO Lewis Dodgson was to restrict the world’s food supply using genetically enhanced locusts made by the lead geneticist, Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong), which would then create a dependency on Dodgson’s locust-resistant crops. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t focus heavily on Dodgson’s plan or the motivations behind it.
Wu’s Redemption
There are many agents within Biosyn that lament Dodgson’s plan and seek redemption, including Henry Wu, who devises a plan to study the genetics of Maisie to create a way to kill off the locusts in one swift strike. In the film's closing montage, he releases a sample back into the wild, where it joins with the swarm and, supposedly, brings about their quick demise.
Biblical Crisis
As everything begins to fall apart, Dodgson decides to restart the project by burning the remaining locusts to destroy evidence of Biosyn’s involvement in the famine, but he only causes a burning swarm of locusts to fall on the sanctuary. This plan only acts as a visual flare, as the crisis is averted, and Biosyn’s involvement is revealed to the public.
Dodgson here!
Dodgson experiences some big comeuppance for his villainous ways, both in the destruction of his kingdom and the poetic death from some of Jurassic Park’s most iconic dinosaurs. Once Dodgson realizes his plan has been thwarted, he tries to escape but is stopped by a strategic power outage — similar to the fate that befalls Dennis Nedry in the first “Jurassic Park.”
Full Team Effort
"Jurassic Park: Dominion" eventually settles into the series' tried and true formula of stranding all the main characters in the middle of a dinosaur park. This climactic team-up also includes a number of parallels to earlier films in the series, such as Claire and Ellie having to adjust the sanctuary's power in a dark corridor, reminiscent of the power shed from "Jurassic Park."