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The Ending
Of Brokeback
Lureen’s robtic account of Jack’s death is suspicious. Has she told this painful story so many times that she's numb to it, or is it actually fiction, designed to cover up that his death was connected to his homosexuality. This ambiguity is furthered by the visuals that accompany Lureen's play-by-play.
Jack’s Death
As Lureen tells her story, the camera cuts from her close-up to one of Ennis, then to a long shot of a grassy field next to some railroad tracks, where three men are beating Jack to death. Viewers were left to decide whether the murder is all in Ennis' head or if its the actual truth of Jack’s death.
One Call, Two Deaths
Lureen explains that Jack’s wishes stipulated his ashes be scattered on Brokeback Mountain, Ennis then tells her that’s where they herded sheep one summer. Tears well in her eyes as she finally understands that her husband's "favorite place" was where he began his long-term affair with Ennis.
Did Lureen Know?
After being denied Jack’s ashes by his parents, Ennis goes to his room and discovers a secret area where Jack has hidden their bloody shirts from their big brawl on Brokeback Mountain. Ennis' shirt is inside Jack's, a sentimental nod to their connection and a defining moment for the beginning of their relationship.
Jack’s Room
Learning from his past mistakes, Ennis decides to be there for his loved ones and to go to Alma's wedding instead of taking another ranch hand job. Ennis may not have been able to accept his love for Jack until it was too late, but he can decide to embrace love going forward and be more present in the lives of his daughters.
Ennis Chooses Love