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If there's one thing "Deadliest Catch" viewers have realized since the show began airing in 2005, it's the fact that crab fishing is extremely lucrative. While there's good money to be made, it's consistently listed as one of the most dangerous jobs due to harsh, freezing weather conditions and working with crab pots and other equipment that can weigh up to 800 pounds.
In September of 2021, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced that "the stock [of Bristol Bay red king crab] is estimated to be below the regulatory threshold for opening a fishery. Therefore, Bristol Bay red king crab will remain closed for the 2021/22 season." This decision left the fishermen reeling, and forced them to fish for golden king crabs instead on Season 18.
Josh Harris stated: "That's a totally new species that I was not prepared to catch and I don't think my crew was either," explaining that they have to use ten times the amount of line per crab pot as they would if they were fishing for red king crab. "It was an absolute nightmare. It was scary,” citing that there was a lot of danger involved with hauling in that much extra line.