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The Deadliest
Catch Crew
Member Who Was
Hit With 80,000
Gallons Of Water
The "Deadliest Catch" crew has been showing audiences what it looks like to risk your life on the treacherous Bering Sea since 2005, and part of the show’s popularity obviously comes from the job’s risk factor. One episode in Season 17 proves that the ocean has no mercy for anything in its way.
Engineer, Taylor Jensen, experienced a fast and powerful blow when a massive wave hit him full force with about 80 thousand gallons of ocean water and pushed him to the other side of the vessel. This caused Jensen to roll his ankle and come to tears because of how excruciating the pain was as he limped back to the ship’s cabin for medical assistance.
According to Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski, if you think you can survive crab fishing for a season, “sit in a freezer for a couple of days, and have your friends come by about every 20 minutes and throw a bucket of cold water in your face.” Evidently, it’s a job that takes a lot of guts, and Jensen seems to have them as he continues working as a crab fisherman.