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The Dark
History Of
Snow White
Disney's animated classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” comes from a story with a macabre and dark origin. The original Grimm tale featured the queen wishing for a daughter, while Disney's version skips these details and has Snow White living with her "Wicked Stepmother."
Grimm Version
In Disney’s classic, the evil queen asks the huntsman to take Snow White into the woods to kill her and bring back Snow White's heart as proof the girl is dead. In some Brothers Grimm versions, the queen cooks and eats the organs the huntsman gives to her.
The Evil Queen

The Grimm version features the evil queen trying to kill Snow White three times; four if you count the huntsman's failed attempt. Disney's animated version had the queen only trying to kill Snow White once with a poisoned apple.

Trying Three Times
Snow White and her prince meet once before she runs away to the woods in Disney’s version. However, the Grimm fairy tale had the prince come upon Snow White in her glass coffin in the forest and ask the mourning dwarfs if he could buy her.
The Prince
In the Grimm version, Snow White is only seven years old when her beauty eclipses the queen’s. While in Disney’s version of the story, Snow White is a teenager, making her romantic interest in the prince more understandable and less creepy.
Snow White, The Child