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The Cut Law & Order: SVU Scene That Makes Muncy's Departure That Much Sadder
The classic no-nonsense detective from New York, Grace Muncy, didn’t last long on “Law & Order: SVU,” appearing in only 21 episodes before she suddenly exited the series.
Although her time on the show was short, a deleted scene gave more context to her departure and allowed the detective to have an emotional goodbye with her unit.
Muncy got a heartfelt farewell with Joe Velasco in the official cut of the episode; however, her abrupt departure felt jarring, and it neglected to give her a satisfying sendoff.
Her rushed exit from “SVU” — which coincided with Amanda Rollins’ departure — was met with fan backlash, who let their opinions of the show’s erratic decisions be known.
Twitter user @ClNDERELABAlANA shared, “Why you always cut scenes that are important to the characters’ development? Why no Rollisi scenes? Are they really married?”
@rollinsxgrey echoed this statement, “[B]ut why cut this scene? [W]hy rush her exit? [...] We would have liked more content of the actual characters...”
Rollins and Dominick Carisi Jr.’s relationship was another contentious point, and while the beloved couple finally got married, the scene was brief and left some unsatisfied.