CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10:  Miranda Rae Mayo attends the 2018 press day for "Chicago Fire", "Chicago PD", and "Chicago Med" on September 10, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)
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THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR "Chicago Fire" Season 10, Episode 22.


In the final episode of "Chicago Fire" Season 10, Stella and Kelly go through their fair share of unexpected events leading up to their wedding. Fans criticized the episode for a perceived lack of drama and one fan noticed the show reused footage from a scene much earlier in the series.
Early in the finale, the Firehouse 51 team is called to stop a fire from burning down an apartment building, where one of the apartment's residents is in labor. A Twitter user, using screenshots as evidence, pointed out that the footage of the baby is not original to the episode but first appeared in Season 1, Episode 7.
Co-creator Derek Haas said he wanted the finale "to be super happy, [with] everybody cheering at the end.” Whether reusing the footage was a last-minute plan to inject the episode with added drama or simply for the sake of convenience, at least one viewer took notice and shared their findings with the "Chicago Fire" fanbase.