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The Challenge
Season 38:
What We Know
So Far
"The Challenge" hasn't yet been officially renewed by MTV, but given the show's lengthy tenure and enduring popularity, we wouldn't be surprised if the news arrived sooner rather than later. Still, until the news officially arrives, it's hard to pin down an exact premiere date — or, for that matter, whether there'll be one in the first place.
Insofar as the term "cast" can be applied to a reality competition show, TJ Lavin is virtually guaranteed to return for Season 38. The legendary BMX pro and long-time host’s calm and assured presence has anchored the show during even its most absurd moments. However, who will be brought in as actual competitors is anyone's guess.
As far as location is concerned, since Seasons 36 and 37 took place in Iceland and Croatia, the show may continue to keep things European in Season 38, as well. Then again they’ve rarely stayed on the same continent for too many seasons in a row, and the last U.S. set competition was in Season 9, so who knows? Perhaps a homecoming could be on the cards.