BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: L-R: Terry Crews in the Ava episode of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE airing Sunday, Nov. 22 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)
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"Gravity Falls" follows the surreal misadventures of Dipper and Mabel Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal respectively), plus a host of unique side characters that may stick around for one episode or many more. One of these is Darlene, a human/spider hybrid, who is voiced by someone "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fans will instantly recognize.
Darlene, an employee at a tourist trap called Mystery Mountain, appears in the Season 2 episode "Roadside Attraction." She's voiced by Chelsea Peretti, who plays "Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" Gina Linetti, the sarcastic civilian administrator whose narcissism is so extreme, she was described as a psychological anomaly by a group of professors.
Darlene is a short-lived love interest for Grunkle Stan (voiced by Alex Hirsch), until she reveals that she’s a half-spider hybrid known as an "Arachnimorph." Fans of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" might not immediately recognize Peretti's voice (especially since she doesn't deliver her lines in Gina's bored, sardonic tone), but once you hear it, it can't be unheard.