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THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR "Better Call Saul" Season 6, Episode 13.


Considering that "Better Call Saul" takes place before and after the events of "Breaking Bad," there are plenty of chances for characters from the latter to show up in the former. While “Better Call Saul” featured a ton of surprise cameos during its run, it seems they saved the most memorable cameo for last.
In the final episode, as Saul enumerates all of his crimes to the prosecuting attorney, he asks if the widow of Hank Schrader is present. That’s when fans get to see Betsy Brandt reprise her role as Marie Schrader.
Saul attempts to apologize to Marie, but she’s having none of it and says that no amount of prison time would be enough when it comes to Saul. The next scene has her storming out of the room, but she later reappears in the courtroom to witness Saul’s cleansing confession and final comeuppance.