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The Breakfast
Club Scene Some
Fans Wish They
Had Never Filmed
Now decades removed from its original big-screen run, many still laud "The Breakfast Club" as a cinematic classic. However, the movie isn’t without issues and Fans have taken to Reddit, to complain about the makeover scene.
Quiet Allison (Ally Sheedy) clad in dark clothes and equipped with some head-turning personality quirks, goes through a surprising transformation courtesy of the popular Claire. She gives Allison a makeover that puts her more in line with the beauty standards of the era, and fans take issue with Allison's need to conform for the sake of others instead of continuing to march to the beat of her own drum.
This perceived message of conformity wasn't something that just fans have a problem with, as Sheedy herself has spoken up about the scene and how it's spread the wrong idea for decades. "It was uncomfortable even when we were filming it. [taking] this young woman who seems like a crazy person and make her into [...] somebody pretty or whatever it was," she told Page Six, agreeing with many that Allison looked fine before her makeover.
Sheedy notes that she still loves the film and is astounded by its continued success. There's Still a lot to love about "The Breakfast Club," but that doesn’t excuse its shortcomings, especially its somewhat problematic look at beauty standards through the filters of Allison and Claire.