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The Boys Season 4
Will Feature A
Cameo From This
Walking Dead Star
"The Boys" hasn't even returned for its third season yet, and already talk is tumbling in on how showrunner Eric Kripke will handle the fourth (and yes, yet-to-be-filmed) season. Whatever happens, though, Kripke himself has now confirmed that the fourth season could see a familiar face — but not one who has appeared on the show so far, even if he's someone whom genre fans will definitely recognize.
After being dear old John Winchester in "Supernatural" as well as notably going up to bat as Negan in "The Walking Dead," Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be turning up for "The Boys" fourth season, as well. Morgan was supposed to appear in Season 3, but unfortunately, scheduling conflicts delayed his debut.
It's a shame that Morgan hasn't shown his face in "The Boys" world before, as there's no doubt that his snark and confidence would fit right in. Playing the head-cracking antagonist from the zombie-infested show and bringing The Comedian to life in Zack Snyder's "Watchmen," Morgan adds charm to just about any character he steps in for, no matter how amoral they may be.