Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in Season 4 of The Boys


The Boys' First Season 4 Trailer
Supe-hater Billy Butcher and his star-spangled nemesis, Homelander, are back and ready to go another round in the first Season 4 trailer for "The Boys."
Months after Butcher was on the trail for the super-killing virus that's now in the hands of Victoria Neuman, tension is rising as Homelander's popularity continues.
The new trailer raises as many questions as answers, and Billy is in poor condition following his dose of Temp V that helped him hold his own against Homelander and Soldier Boy.
Given its lethal effect, it’s unclear as to what can be done to help Butch finish what he started, but it could bring the relationship with his team to a point of no return.
If the teaser trailer is anything to go by, Season 4 is sure to deliver mayhem in spades once it arrives on Prime Video in 2024.