Heather Donahue in The Blair Witch Project


The Blair Witch Project Is Much Scarier If This Fan Theory Is True
"The Blair Witch Project" is an innovative and frightening horror film, however, one spooky fan theory claims that there's a creepier way to interpret the film's events.
According to Redditor u/CartelKingpin, the scares of "The Blair Witch Project" are orchestrated by Josh Leonard and Mike Williams to kill Heather Donahue.
Everything seemingly unexplainable that the trio experienced could be attributed to premeditation on Josh and Michael's part.
Of course, this would include every detail from Josh and Michael scouting the location, placing stick figures in the trees, and even faking their deaths.
"They used all the witch/Rustin Parr lore to terrorize Heather right up until her death. Josh and Mike are killers and the only 'project' was theirs," they added.