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In Star Trek TV
In the “Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)” episode "Mudd's Women," McCoy is wearing his bridge uniform when he sees a trio of beautiful women, but when the camera returns to McCoy, he's wearing the medical smock and is in a completely different part of the ship. The editor used archived footage of him without caring about what he was wearing or where he was.
Wardrobe Change
In “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s (DS9)” "Dramatis Personae," the crew throws away their Starfleet communicator badges so that they can’t be tracked. Later, Sisko’s combadge has inexplicably reappeared on his uniform, which could symbolize Sisko's return to sanity, but otherwise, it's a clear and very visible goof.
The “Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)” episode, "Yesterday's Enterprise," changes the show’s timeline, which subsequently changes the crew’s uniform. However, at the end of the episode, Geordi is still in his old uniform, which features black cuffs at the end of his sleeves.
Geordi's Uniform
In the episode "Shattered," from “Star Trek: Voyager,” Chakotay goes back in time and discovers that Voyager doesn't have an astrometrics lab. However, several seasons before this, there was a discussion about the lab (which shouldn’t exist) being upgraded.
Missing Lab

In “Star Trek: Enterprise’s” "Carbon Creek," the crew crashes in the United States in the '50s, and T'Mir sells the secret of what would become known as Velcro. The problem is that Velcro was patented in 1952 and was already in use in the United States.

Velcro Thief