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Lee Child’s Jack Reacher saga spans 26 novels and counting, and the movies and the TV show use the books as source material, each using a different volume. Prime Video's "Reacher" is based on the first novel, "Killing Floor," and the "Jack Reacher” movies were based on "One Shot" and "Never Go Back," the ninth and eighteenth books in the series, respectively.

Source Material

Each time Reacher is in a new place, he has a new set of teammates, as reflected in the films which contain a smattering of A-listers on hand to assist him. In the show, Reacher teams up with Officer Roscoe and Chief Detective Finlay, but it's unclear whether or not the show will feature a new cast in the upcoming second season.


In the movies, Reacher faces off against The Zec, a former Siberian prisoner, and corrupt General Harkness and his goon known only as The Hunter. With its eight-hour-long episodes, the show features a panoply of minor villains and even some red herrings.


In "Jack Reacher," a random act of violence is revealed to be an intentional shooting, and in "Never Go Back," he uncovers a corrupt general's drug smuggling ring. In the show, Reacher discovers a global counterfeit money ring and brings down half of Margrave's town leadership.

Villainous Plans

The films are mostly straightforward action-thrillers, with only the sequel attempting a thematic subplot as Reacher grows into the role of a father. The show, by comparison, spends much more time fleshing out thematic and character arcs adding more intriguing depth to the character.

Thematic Differences