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Old Grimey’s far less prominent son, Frank Grimes Jr., only appears once. Debuting years after his father's appearance in Season 8's "Homer's Enemy," Frank Jr. is not only physically identical to Frank Sr. but also shares his father's fierce hatred of Homer.
25. Frank Grimes, Jr.
Mr. McGreg is one of the many unlucky patients who found themselves being treated by the completely incompetent Dr. Nick Riviera. Appearing in a brief scene in Season 4's "Homer's Triple Bypass," Mr. McGreg confronts Dr. Nick about the results of his failed operation.
24. Mr. McGreg
Godfrey Jones is one of those characters you just love to hate. A lying journalist who will do whatever it takes to get a good story, he's certainly not above fabricating his interviews so long as it means boosting his ratings.
23. Godfrey Jones
A somewhat stereotypical elderly scholar figure, the curator of the Springfield Historical Society, Hollis Hurlbut, is a kindly old man with an enthusiastic appreciation for local history. Appearing in "Lisa the Iconoclast," Hollis is the kind of local antiquarian you'd love to spend an afternoon touring the town with.
22. Hollis Hurlbut

In "Mayored to the Mob," Homer serves as a bodyguard for the Mayor and enrolls in Leavelle's Bodyguard Academy, enduring unorthodox training methods. There's a lot to love about Leavelle, from his strong Texan accent, matching suit and cowboy hat, and his complete indifference to the training and qualifications of his students.  

21. Leavelle