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The story of Edward VIII (David, to his friends) and Wallis Simpson is undeniably fascinating. The film should be praised for exploring one crucial idea: that Wallis may have felt as trapped in her marriage, but it glosses over a much darker issue: David and Wallis were Nazi sympathizers who personally visited Hitler.
15. W.E.
In a title card, Pablo Larraín calls his 2021 film a "fable from a true tragedy," an artsy way of saying that isn't a biopic by any stretch of the imagination. "Spencer" is an odd but thought-provoking film that divided viewers and left an impression more than it provided a historical account.
14. Spencer
This film, starring Timothée Chalamet, is inspired by Shakespeare and real British history but isn't a very faithful retelling. "The King" makes for a decent, gritty sword-slashing epic, but it totally mischaracterizes Henry V’s personality, and it butchers the chronology and circumstances of his actual reign.
13. The King
This 2007 sweeping drama is the less critically acclaimed follow-up to "Elizabeth," released in 1998, both starring Cate Blanchett as the Virgin Queen. "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" is accurate in the broadest sense, but it fudges the details for the sake of drama.
12. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
The film plays around with the chronology and indulges too much in creative license, but the movie’s greatest sin is that Britain's coddling of Hitler is regrettably under-explored, leaving reputations cleaner than they deserve. And the fact that Neville Chamberlin (and King George VI by extension) appeased Germany while Hitler expanded his empire, is completely ignored.
11. The King's Speech