Thanos with a helmet on


Thanos May Have Saved The MCU From A Bigger Bad Guy
An elaborate Marvel fan theory suggests that all the knowledge Thanos claims to be cursed with has to do with a past run-in with Galactus.
Redditor @jlefrench kicked off the theory by stating, "So what if Thanos has been right this whole time, what if he was doing this to protect the universe? What if he isn't crazy?"
In "Avengers: Infinity War," Titan is an abandoned planet with no signs of life, and its gravity is off-kilter. The theory posits Galactus could be responsible for the destruction.
"Galactus [...] goes to planets and sucks out the biospheric energy of the planet," the Redditor explains. "That means, all life 'energy' on the planet [...]."
One of the primary selling points of the "Thanos is protecting everyone from Galactus" fan theory is the way he goes about wiping out half of life in the universe.
As Redditor @jlfrench points out, if Thanos was truly trying to restore balance and prevent famine, he wouldn't have killed off half of all livestock.
The other solution Thanos could have taken was doubling food supplies across the universe, and the Galactus theory has an obvious answer for that, too.
"This also explains why Thanos doesn't just double the resources because this would actually just draw in Galactus even faster," Redditor @jlfrench states.