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Ted Lasso Star
Juno Temple
Struggled To
Keep A Straight
Face In This Scene
One of the most endearing things about “Ted Lasso” is that the viewer gets the sense the cast seems to have a special bond behind the scenes and that camaraderie bleeds through into the performances. Juno Temple, who plays Keely Jones, recently stated in an interview that there is a lot of on-set laughter, but there was one moment in particular that had her struggling to keep a straight face.
The scene in question takes place when the Season 2 episode "Rainbow," when Keely and Rebecca try to give Nathan a lesson in assertiveness. Rebecca reveals her secret to dealing with misogyny in the workplace: she makes herself look as large and intimidating as she can by stretching to her full height and roaring like a lion.
According to Temple, the scene was just as fun to make as it was to watch. "The main thing I remember from that day is both me and Nick [...] not being able to keep a straight face [...]. "I don't know how we managed to actually get a take where [Hannah Waddingham] and [I] didn't fully ruin that."