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Coach Beard rides an elevator to an exclusive club in an episode of the hit series Ted Lasso


Ted Lasso Explains The Show's Strangest Episode In Season 3 Episode 10
This story contains spoilers for "Ted Lasso" Season 3 Episode 10, "International Break."
“Ted Lasso” departed from its formula with the Coach Beard-centric Season 2 episode “Beard After Hours,” depicting his wild odyssey into London’s nightlife and underbelly.
Fans enjoyed the mystery behind Beard’s backstory, but one of the plot points in what seemed to be a stand-alone episode has become an essential element in Season 3.
The secret pitch access tunnel fans learned about in “Beard After Hours” gave both Rupert and Nate clandestine entry to the AFC Richmond premises in Season 3, Episode 10.
If Rupert had tried to arrange a meeting with Rebecca, she would have likely declined and, as a result, wouldn't have gotten her cathartic boss moment in the Super League meeting.
Likewise, if Nate hadn’t been able to use the tunnel to deliver his apology to Will, Nate would have lost a crucial step in his road to redemption.
The secret tunnel served to progress two crucial Season 3 plot points making events in “Beard After Hours” far less random than fans had first written it off to be.