Suzie Pakson playing K’Ehleyr on the TV show Star Trek: Voyager.


Suzie Plakson Played Four Different Star Trek Characters & No One Noticed
Starting with her role as the Vulcan Lt. Selar on “The Next Generation,” Suzie Plakson played four unique characters across three “Star Trek” series.
She also played the Klingon K’Ehleyr in “TNG,” a female Q in “Voyager,” and the first female Andorian in “Enterprise,” making her the only actress to play four different aliens.
Outside of “Star Trek,” Plakson further showcased her versatility with roles in “Love & War,” “Mad About You,” and as Judy Eriksen in “How I Met Your Mother.”
Plakson is a multitalented artist, venturing into music sculpture and authoring the fantasy novel, “The Return of King Lillian.”
For ardent “Star Trek” fans, she offers an audiobook, “The Poor Dead K’ehleyr Show,” with insights and anecdotes from her enriching journey in the series.