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Fans Are
Surprised It Took
Until Season 9 To
See This
“Supernatural" fanatics have noticed obscure details across each episode, and they've paid particular attention to everyone's favorite car, the Impala. Nicknamed "Baby,” Dean Winchester inherited the car from their father, but there's one detail about Dean and his blacked-out ride that has fans scratching their heads.
Fans have noticed that the brash and headstrong Dean rarely uses a turn signal with the Impala, and Reddit user, u/hlyeb, noted that it isn't until Season 9 when Dean is shown making use of one. Some fans also noted that he may have used a turn signal in the Season 4 episode "Yellow Fever.”
However, across the board, it was agreed that ignoring such a basic courtesy to other drivers, not to mention a legal obligation, is in line with Dean's character. Of course, there's no need for turn signals when shooting a TV show, but it does feel fitting to the series that Dean largely eschews them altogether.